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A Job Search Perspective
A Job Market Perspective
How People Search For A Job
What You Need To Be Successful
Measured And Documented Success
Guarantees And Accountability
A Brief Listing Of Some Of Our Tampa Bay Area Client Success Stories
Some Of The Companies That Employ Our Clients

A Job Search Perspective!

Unemployment or under-employment is the most expensive and daunting experience of one's lifetime! It leads to feelings of inequity, betrayal and even self-doubt. Don't give up hope.
After our many years of managing successful job searches for thousands of executives, managers, and professionals from virtually any walk, several key facts have been demonstrated time and time again:
  • Even in a down economy competent men and women with specialized education, experience, and proven accomplishments are always in demand. Businesses and organizations of all kinds are hungry for talent and they spend great sums to find it. It may not seem as such from the job seeker's viewpoint but demand still outweighs supply for skilled and experienced managers, executives and professionals. AMG FLORIDA SEARCH's experienced professionals have unique expertise, significant resources, proprietary techniques and access to technologies that can assist in the identification of hard to find opportunities and help you place your credentials with suitable and targeted growth firms to connect with openings and hidden opportunities.
  • It is astounding that most people will spend more time planning a party than they will spend identifying what their career options are and planning a career move. This is prevalent whether they're unemployed or in a position that lacks adequate rewards and provides no job satisfaction, growth potential or challenge. For some reason, otherwise savvy and forward thinking professionals will procrastinate or make little effort to change a bad employment situation. Some blame it on "fear of the unknown" or "comfort zone". We blame it on their not knowing how to make a bad situation better. AMG FLORIDA SEARCH's experienced staff will identify our Client's Transferable Skills, compare our Client's needs and marketability to other successful Clients, determine their best options (industries, companies and positions) based on their Transferable Skills and use a proven approach to successfully generate interviews and get offers.
  • When circumstances force a change most job seekers enter the job market using all the traditional methods that, deep down, they know won't work. They will answer Internet and newspaper ads, "shotgun" resumes to potential employers, and futilely talk to placement agencies that simply can't help and don't care. Last year a small fraction of management and professional positions were filled through "traditional placement agencies" and less than 16% were filled through the newspaper and the Internet. Job seekers foolishly and detrimentally rely on placement agencies, newspaper ads and the Internet and, in the process, wind up directly competing with 90% of all job seekers for fewer than 20% of the available jobs. It's insane, but it's going on every day. Albert Einstein once said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Think about this for a second and ask yourself, does this quote apply to how you run your job search? AMG FLORIDA SEARCH will organize the search and make it much more efficient, productive and targeted because we know how to identify viable options and market people. AMG FLORIDA SEARCH markets people like any other company markets it's products.
  • Ironically, no matter how slipshod or inefficient the average job seeker's job-hunting methods are job seekers eventually "find something" and get offers. Unfortunately, most of these people end up "settling" out of desperation or frustration caused by a long and difficult search. They have changed their job but have not advanced their lives or their careers. According to independent research, the average executive, manager or professional conducting a job search in today's job market will take, on average, 5 to 6 weeks for each $10,000 of income they seek and will end up settling because they run out of cash reserves. If you're unemployed at a $100,000 per year level it costs you $8,333/month in lost income. AMG FLORIDA SEARCH routinely cuts their Client's search time in half or better with far superior results than they would achieve searching on their own.
A Job Market Perspective


Each month 3,000,000 jobs are available at any moment in time. Through the activities of casual and active job seekers at least 30,000,000 resumes are circulated each and every month and 18,000,000 of these job seekers will seek jobs over $100,000 this year. In today's market, one employment ad can draw as much as 300 to 500 resume responses and 10 to 15 strong candidates who fit the "pigeonhole" will be given final consideration. The competition is fierce. One popular job board claims to have over 50,000,000 resumes on file.


The New York Times ran an in-depth study of available jobs. The report clearly demonstrated why a well-planned and smart job campaign is an absolute necessity. The Times discovered that even if you contacted all of the nation's 42,000 employment agencies, read all the 2,100 trade magazines, reached all of the 3,500 executive recruiters and search firms, and read every Sunday and daily edition of every American newspaper, you would be exposed to only 14% of the American jobs that change hands each year and most of these are low level positions. In a similar study, the Wall Street Journal found that less than 6% of all jobs are filled through any Internet Job site.

Good jobs are rarely advertised and because of the stereotypical methods most job seekers employ 90% of all job seekers end up competing for less than 20% of available jobs (the published jobs). The limited methods they use give them zero access to over 80% of the really good jobs (non-published jobs). There is a huge "non-published" market the biggest part of which is small to medium sized growing companies some of which are parts of larger firms. AMG FLORIDA SEARCH will assist you in identifying all your options, finding your highest probability prospects and in getting to the Decision Makers.

Today's job ad draws between 300 to 500 resumes and the end result is only 10 to 15 candidates who fit the "pigeonhole" will be given final consideration. Why wallow in that rat race competing with 90% of all the job seekers for 20% of the published jobs? And, even if a job seeker beats the odds and gets an interview, without superior interviewing and negotiating skills today's candidate has little chance to effectively compete. AMG FLORIDA SEARCH will design effective marketing materials and will leave nothing to chance. We will develop, fine-tune, and practice your interviewing and negotiating skills.

How People Search For A Job!


The first step most job seekers take is to write an obituary that remains a work in process because they "can't quite seen to get it right". "Here lies John Doe, born this day, lived in so and so, went to these schools and had these jobs." Sometimes a resume service is employed to make it look pretty. If you have had the task of reviewing resumes you know that most resumes look about the same and reading resumes is a tedious task that is about as exciting as watching paint dry.
Since a resume is required, it only makes sense to use one that is extra-ordinary if not "extraordinary". It must be written properly and really sell. Then, in the unlikely event your resume fits the "pigeonhole" and makes it past the HR Department's screeners into the hands of a Decision Maker it can be a passport to an interview. The problem is most job seekers don't fit the "pigeonhole", don't know how to overcome that huge issue, have no clue how to write an effective resume or how to circumvent the HR Department screeners to get to the real Decision Makers. AMG FLORIDA SEARCH knows how. We will analyze everything, identify your marketable assets, pinpoint your Transferable Skills (these enable you cross over to new options) and identify viable industry, company and positional options based on your Transferable Skills. We will recommend specific goals and overcome negative issues such as job-hopping, gaps, age, overspecialization or educational concerns, etc. Your marketing materials will be superb, effective and geared to what the specific Decision Maker needs to see based on the various stages of the marketing and interviewing process. You want to stage your thunder and not show everything at one time. Our marketing materials will help you get "timely connected" in the right way.


Armed with stacks of resumes, job seekers answer newspaper and Internet ads, visit a few traditional placement agencies and usually misuse the few key level contacts they have. They do virtually everything wrong. Even things that are appropriate to do, are usually done the wrong way.
Consider how dismal are the odds that a randomly sent resume will arrive on the right desk, on the right day, for the right job which just happens to be available and said tombstone resume is more appealing than all the other resumes on that particular desk? It's ludicrous. Yet, some people seal up a great many of their obituaries and send them to "Dear Sirs and /or Madams" all over the country.

So then, what is wrong with answering ads? Nothing really, except that you are competing with all the other job seekers for a small fraction of the available jobs. And, good jobs are rarely advertised. Consider the largest employers in your area, ones that hire hundreds of people each year. Scan the newspapers and you will find that even these employers advertise only a few positions each year and these jobs tend to be either entry level or they require very specialized technical skills and/or a very specific background. Also, many jobs that are already filled are advertised merely to satisfy EEOC obligations - giving job seekers a lot of "false hope". This is rampant on the Internet.
So, you say - "I'll get away from the rat race, stop chasing the advertised positions and I'll start networking". Great idea except most job seekers have few if any Key Level Contacts and their "social or professional contacts network" is made up mostly of someone who might know someone who might know about a job. Better not rely on that! If your plan is to rely on a lame network combined with a newspaper and Internet search you have a very poor prognosis for timely success. That's why job searches typically take so long and leave you physically, emotionally, and financially drained. However, no credible person would tell you that people who rely on lame contacts, traditional placement agencies, the newspaper and Internet never get jobs because, over time, they eventually do. These methods work just often enough to perpetuate myths and sustain false hope.


Traditional Agencies are going out of business at an alarming rate because companies are no longer inclined to pay them 25% to 50% of the first year salary of the "new hire" when the employer's own recruiter can do the search in-house and save the money.
Thanks to the Internet employers are able to amass huge stacks of resumes and it's become in vogue to have your own in-house recruiter. With hundreds of resumes in hand the screener has the luxury of being able to screen out anyone who doesn't exactly match the "round peg in a round hole" screening criteria (i.e. recently in our industry, doing substantially the same job we're trying to fill now, this degree or advanced degree, licenses, certifications, etc., etc.). It's an absolute fact that the "round peg in a round hole" screening criteria pigeonholes candidates and leaves them virtually no opportunity to explore new career options or transition to new industries or to higher levels of responsibility.
Put another way, the traditional headhunters, search firms and recruiters are industry specific by nature and when they do manage to get retained for and assignment they care only about the employer's interests not yours. They couldn't care less about you and your needs. That's why they will most likely fail you. That doesn't make them bad people it's the nature of their business because they don't work for you.

Here's another consideration, if you're working with an employer paid agency to find a $100,000 per year position and you're competing with a candidate who is "agency free" and has the same or very similar skills and experience to yours, who do you think will get hired? To hire you over the other qualified candidate the hiring manager would have to justify paying 25% to 50% of your first year's salary to the agency. Many jobs are lost accordingly and the bewildered job seeker doesn't even know why he lost what appeared to be a perfect opportunity.

What You Need To Be Successful!

Please consider this analogy.

In the past, companies have depended solely on a good sales staff to promote their products. Today's marketplace has grown significantly more complex. To compete in today's market companies need Focus and Direction. That is, companies must position each product properly, target the right market, and present the right image. The price must be right and the package attractive. Proper promotion is the difference between success and failure. The modern term marketing is used to describe these vital functions.

When you look for a new job the same marketing principles apply. You are the marketing department and the product. You too must have Focus and Direction. You must know all of your career options because that is your marketplace. In other words, you must identify and target the right industries, best companies and positions as a function of your transferable skills and present the best possible package and image in the process. To stack the deck in your favor you better interview exceptionally well, know what you're worth (salary, bonus and benefits) and be able to prove it as part of an effective interview and negotiation strategy. This is no time to flounder.

If you are not prepared and able to identify and solve problems in your search strategy and deal with and resolve these career issues as your search moves forward, your quest will be haphazard, long, frustrating and unrewarding. Ask yourself, other than schlepping around on the Internet like everyone else, do you have a complete and effective marketing plan that will enable you to break away from the pack, circumvent the HR screeners, get top-notch interviews with Decision Makers, win those interviews, get offers and effectively negotiate the package? If you can't do these things, you better be prepared for a long, grueling, unproductive and frustrating search. AMG FLORIDA SEARCH has all the tools, resources and expertise that is needed to ensure that you successfully and timely complete you job search. We will fix what is broken and help you get focus and direction and interviews with Key Level Decision Makers. We will train you to win interviews and negotiations. Supported by our proprietary technology we will use search tools that will give us access to breaking news sorted by location and industries that you prefer to target. We will also target events that are leads to emerging job opportunities. For example, firms with new contracts, firms in the midst of an IPO, firms with a new CEO who wants to hire his own team, firms in mergers or acquisitions, start-ups, firms getting new capital investments and companies relocating to your geographic area. Finding unpublished opportunities is how we will win together. It's what we do for a living.


Most people who think they interview well are mistaken. You don't learn to interview in school or on the job by interviewing potential hires. Interviewing effectively is the opposite of "winging it" and is an acquired skill that very few people have. AMG FLORIDA SEARCH will assist is all phases of interviewing including telephone interviews. Interviewing is a competitive sales process that you must win every time in order to move on. To increase your odds, AMG FLORIDA SEARCH will provide you with the informational tools necessary to prepare for each interview (i.e. financial information, analyst reports, etc.) and will teach you how to read the interviewer's personality, create the chemistry you need to be liked in the interview and communicate positive experiences and achievements that will build value in the eyes of the interviewer. We will also arm you with good questions to ask and the answers to difficult questions that might arise.

We will play a major role in almost all negotiations. Far too many people have no clue what's available nor do they know how to negotiate for it. The offer is made and they "just take it". Every dollar you leave on the table in a negotiation is a recurring loss for as long as you are with that company. You'll never get it back. When an offer is made, it's just a starting point. You need to know how to go to the next level. AMG FLORIDA SEARCH will teach you to interview comfortably, respectfully, with dignity and effectively. When you follow our guidance and direction you will not leave money on the table. In fact, when you interview effectively on behalf of yourself, isn't it likely that the Hiring Manager will recognize that you can do that for his organization too? We will teach you to build value in the interview and take it to the bank in the negotiations.

Measured and Documented Success!

Every Client is unique and their professional goals and desires are diverse. AMG FLORIDA SEARCH is selective with regard to offering its services and will not offer services unless we are certain we can satisfy our Client's needs. While there is no crystal ball to look into or infallible way to predict in advance what will happen in a certain situation, our staff is highly trained and our marketing process is aggressive and proven to be highly successful. And, occasional situations aside, virtually everyone we work with from mid-level individuals to very high income "C" level executives are able to benefit dramatically as a result of our relationship and our ability to help them generate outstanding interviews and offers.

What AMG FLORIDA SEARCH does is a process it's not an event. AMG FLORIDA SEARCH gives its Clients a major competitive advantage and when our Clients are motivated and committed to our process we will most certainly change people's lives in a very timely and positive way.

Throughout the process, progress and success is measured and documented. Over 97% of our Clients have provided written acknowledgement that they are completely satisfied with the services we have provided to them.

Guarantees and Accountability!

We consistently elicit feedback from our Clients and have both a satisfaction guarantee and a performance guarantee that we will explain in detail when we meet with you.
We are accountable to each other. Throughout the process we will ask you to evaluate our performance, as we will yours, to ensure positive progress. One of the most common complements we receive from our Clients is how well orchestrated our process is and how, as a result of that, they no longer have the "lost feeling" they once harbored.

A Brief Listing Of Some Our Tampa Bay Area Success Stories!

  • A Supply Chain Manager honed and promoted his SAP expertise landing a six-figure Executive Production position with a major poultry company. (10 weeks)
  • A Senior Manager of an aerospace company leveraged his transferable skills to become CIO of a web based business selling a portfolio of medical insurance products. (8 weeks)
  • A Planning Manager for a major small aircraft manufacturer became Planning Director with Walt Disney World. (7 weeks)
  • A Senior Marketing Manager returned to his former industry after a 5 years hiatus. (12 weeks)
  • A Retired Military Officer found his calling in a Director level position in Academia. (10 weeks)
  • A seasoned Technical Sales Manager took a $150,000 position as VP of Marketing for a start-up company selling a new medical device. (8 weeks)
  • A Niche Medical Professional increased his income by 30% and became VP Operations for a company whose new product is having a major impact on oncology. (14 weeks)
  • A Senior Manager became President of a specialty print company. (12 weeks)
  • A retired Military Officer accepted a six-figure Senior Organizational Development position within a large Tampa Bay utility. (13 weeks)
  • A Supply Chain Manager took a position with a NASA/Governmental OEM. (12 weeks)
  • A General Manager/Controller becomes a Finance/Operations Manager for a corporation with international locations. (9 weeks)
  • A semi-retired COO took a $225,000 position to implement and administer SAP application projects within a Fortune 50 Beverage manufacturer. (20 weeks)
  • A Director of Operations for a large technical services company accepted a post of COO for a growing aerospace company. (13 weeks)
  • A former Educator and Sales Representative became Marketing Manager for an educational products company and increased her income by 25%. (7 weeks)
  • A Global Network Architect took a position as Director of Global Operations for an international communications company. (16 weeks)
  • A COO with an International Management Company landed a CEO Position with a Web Based Publisher. (6 weeks)
  • An Engineer was offered a job with another company and leveraged the offer to secure a promotion with her current employer at a 40% increase in pay and previously unavailable stock options. (16 weeks)
  • The President of a Non-profit Professional Association moved up to $175,000 position as CEO of a for profit company. (20 weeks)
  • An International Supply Chain Manager became a six-figure Corporate Relations Manager for a mining supply manufacturer selling worldwide. (20 weeks)
  • A Director of Finance for a Fortune 100 bottling company became the CFO of an innovative and rapidly expanding manufacturer.
  • A Senior Sales Manager returned to his core industry to launch a new product. (7 weeks)
  • A Retired Process Improvement Executive returned to manufacturing. (4 weeks)
  • An underemployed Banking Executive migrated to a newly created position. (5 weeks)
  • A Field Services Manager became Regional Manager for a major electronics retailer. (10 weeks)
  • A Senior Financial Manager overcame some adverse background issues and took a position as Senior Manager in a kindred industry. (4 weeks)
  • A Regional Operations Manager found an opportunity to buy a franchise. (13 weeks)
  • A High Tech Manufacturing Manager became VP and General Manager. (9 weeks)
  • A Food & Beverage Executive became Operations Manager for a Manufacturer. (15 weeks)
  • A Project Lead took a Project Management position in the Aerospace Industry he always wanted to work in. (11 weeks)
  • A Finance Executive returned to her Agricultural roots in a Senior Compliance role checking environmental compliance across the farms of Central Florida. (9 weeks)
  • A Director for an Aviation Authority became Program Manager for an environmental research firm. (12 weeks)
  • A Turnaround Consultant became CFO managing the assets of a major food retailer. (14 weeks)
  • A Retired Non-Profit Executive became COO in a well know seniors' organization. (12 weeks)
  • A retired Military Officer moved to a six-figure Project Management role with a DOD OEM firm. (11 weeks)
  • A University incubator advisor accepted a Senior Executive role for a Major Resort. (8 weeks).
  • A Regional Insurance Executive satisfied a life long dream and become a University Professor at a large University. (15 weeks)
  • A Motor Industry Executive became CIO of a heavy equipment manufacturer. (10 weeks)
  • A Director of Operations for a failing company accepted a position as VP of Operations for a competitor. (8 weeks).
  • A Regional Account Manager was able to transition to her dream job because her new employer was made to recognize her unique skills set. (15 weeks)
  • A Facilities Manager landed his dream job as VP of Construction Management. (5 weeks)
  • A Web Master used our networking products and techniques as a springboard to build his business in viral marketing. (11 weeks)
  • A CFO of a manufacturing company found a similar position that dramatically reduced his travel and was within a commutable distance of his beachfront home. (5 weeks)
  • A Divisional Operations Manager for a mortgage company became an Operations Manager in a kindred industry. (7 weeks.)
  • A Director of Manufacturing for a Pharmaceutical company landed a position as Director of Operations for a Surgical Manufacturing firm. (13 weeks)
  • A Senior Construction Manager in New York moved to Florida and landed a position managing marine construction projects in the Bahamas and other parts of the Caribbean. (9 weeks)
  • A Military Analyst accepted a position as Senior Analyst with one of the largest manufacturers of its kind in the nation. (12 weeks)
  • A Senior Marketing Representative for a major Wine & Spirits distributor found his passion selling Yachts. (11 weeks)
  • A VP of Engineering of a chocolate company became VP of Engineering & Facilities Management for a major international engineering firm. (8 weeks)
Savvy professionals know when they're wasting precious time and know when to abandon their exercises in futility. They know there is a better way, a much better way to timely find the right position at the right level with the right compensation and the growth potential they deserve.

Some Of The Companies That Employ Our Clients!

ACC Learning Solutions
ADT Corp.
Alliegent Air
Ammeraal Beltech
Alvarez & Marsal
American Identity
Atlantis Foods
Bank of America
Bayer Corp.
BCH Mechanical
Born and Koch
Bradtjen & Klug
Burns & McDonnell
Canon Business Solutions
Cerner Corp.
Channel Intelligence
CLEAR Systems
Colonial Bank
Convergence Technologies
Creative Garden Concepts
Crown Packaging
Deffenbaugh Co.
Discover Financial Services
Doka USA
Dynamics Research Corporation
  Entrepreneurs Source
Flatirons Financial
Florida Hospital
GE Energy Corp.
George Mason University
Grayhawk Systems
HD Supply
Hewitt Associates
Hilton Inc.
Hinsdale Orthopedic
HOWCO Environmental
HSF North America
Inktel Direct
International Housing Authority
Int'l Profit Associates
iRobot Corp.
J.P. Morgan
Jefferson Wells
Kanalflakt (Fantech)
Kennedy Space Center, FL
LPS Labs
Laney & Duke Distribution
Latitude Inc.
Lenox Group
Liberty Mutual
Lithia Auto
Lockheed Martin
  Lumberjack, Inc.
Mail Terminal Services, Inc.
Mall Properties
Marine Max
Marriott International
McLeod USA
National City Bank
Nielsen Media
NKC Transportation
NFI Freight
North Highland Corp.
Odyssey Manufacturing
Parrish Medical Center
Peak Performance
Perceptive Software
Perfect FHA
Perot Systems
Plattform Advertising
Priority America
Progressive Instruments Co.
Quest Solutions
Regions Bank
Riis Borg
R.J. Dougherty
Rover Wireless
Shell Oil Company
Siemens Power Systems
  Southeastern Mechanical Services
Sparhawk Labs
Spa Sydell
SRI Surgical
Tampa Bay Business Journal
The Golf Event
Themeing Solutions
Tragon, Corp.
Tuition Management Systems
United Airlines
Underground Environment
Universal Engineering
Vertis Corp.
Vision Point of Sale
VSEC Corp.
Walgreens Corporate Health
Washington Mutual
Willard Bishop
Wells Fargo
WW Grainger
XO Communication
10-G (Caterpillar/Morey)


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